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There are very few hours left in this year and I feel that I ought to say something about it. A lot happened! I did many things!

2014 is the year I went to Iceland and took selfies in front of a glacier and sprawled on a black volcanic beach.

Some wonderful people got married to each other and I played fiddle at the wedding with some of my favorite people, and I got to spend time with some of my other favorite people.

I did not write a lot on LJ, but I wrote a lot of other things, or at least wrote a lot of drafts of a few other things, even though it was really hard and I spent whole days sobbing under my blankets because it was hard and then I made myself do it anyway. I took a bunch of supremely stupid standardized tests and I really hope I get into a PhD program that makes this entire fall worth it.

My faithful Ovid the Macbook went into honorable retirement--not exile--after six and a half years of loyal service. I am typing this on Diomedes the Shiny, which is swift and powerful and will hopefully survive whatever battles we face.

2014 is the year I was supremely grumpy about books. But I also fell in love with the Symphony from the New World and discovered red lipstick and Kraken rum.

I was really pleased to discover yesterday that I could read (without dictionary) the following line from the German translation of Graceling: "Dieser Lord hat eine Tochter, die mit Gedankenlesen beschenkt ist."

I am not Graced with thought-reading, but I am hopeful. Happy New Year!
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