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The Life and Times of An Aspiring Editor

Studying in Boston to take over the world, she treats life as her slush pile. Most of what comes across her desk is ripped apart with witty sarcasm, and anything that isn't is a rare gem indeed. Residing in the shadow of the enemy base (also known as Fenway Park), she is addicted to chai lattes and Asian dramas. She has a propensity for extolling at length the wonders of Ikuta Toma, or otherwise flailing madly in keysmash when words desert her. A native of California, she holds a certain amount of disdain for winter weather, although she possesses fond memories of various snowy (mis-)adventures. Despite protests to the contrary, she enjoys editing porn when she is not busy drafting fake nominations for children's literature awards. In addition, she quite enjoys tormenting her neighbors with her fiddle, and can find enjoyment in various sorts of music; even J-pop has rock violin.

And thus ends the brief and likely inaccurate account by snowqueenofhoth, who might possibly never consider herself a writer in any true regard.

Except for the part where I continue because I've left out her crazy love for all things classical and biological. But that's a story for another day.

(Written by snowqueenofhoth, because I wrote hers and thought it was only fair that she have the same opportunity for slander and mayhem. Seeing as I didn't write this one, however, I cannot guarantee that the above information is entirely accurate.)

My old version went like this and was much less interesting and is only here for posterity:
Currently heart-set on becoming a children's book editor or running away to work in a biology lab in Australia. Either one. Notorious for quoting Homer at inopportune moments and reading things in Latin on the subway.
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